For too long had the evil analogue army ruled over the terrain of Lungland. A change was needed and throughout the land many whispered of a saviour approaching fast. And lo, out of the ashes of the analogue disease, a new breed of warrior arose to challenge the vile rulers. They were known as the Viral Vape Warriors and in an epic battle upon Lungland’s highest peak, Mount Nicotor, the Warriors heroically fought the analogue army and drove them back from whence they came; the dark and smoky pit of Ashtrayland.
The battle was won, but the war is not over, for the analogues regrouped, and now, being led by their Dark Master himself, Fiery Dragon Analogue (FDA), march back to Mount Nicotor in an attempt to destroy the Warriors.
For as long as the war rages on, we here at Viral Vapes will be providing the weaponry to assist all the Vape Warriors in the battle against the analogues and will always be keeping Vaping Viral.
Keep Vaping Viral